The ReJoyce is a rehabilitation device that has been shown to increase the strength of muscles and the range of motion of joints of the upper extremities. ReJoyce works best with clients who have at least some voluntary arm function. 

  • Chronic Stroke Clients: Stretching of the arm and hand should be encouraged
  • Sub-acute Stroke Clients: Typically, spasticity is less pronounced in this patient group, and in many cases the more affected arm is quite flaccid. These individuals may also be much less fatigue-resistant and will require shorter sessions with ReJoyce. Individuals in the sub-acute stage of recovery tend to exert themselves and concentrate hard during game play, so they should be monitored and reminded to breathe regularly, as in some cases their rate of respiration drops.
  • Clients with Impaired Cognitive Function: Clients with impaired function should initially avoid the more complex games even if their hand function permit them. This will avoid confusion, frustration and a drop in compliance. As their familiarity with game play grows, these clients may slowly progress to the more cognitively demanding games. 

In people with proximal arm function but little voluntary control of hand grasp and release, clinicians are encouraged to use a strap or Thera-Band® to secure the hand to ReJoyce attachments, allowing range of motion exercises.